HistoricalJuly20 — One Last Thing


I completed my final draft for July’s Size Riot quarterly size fantasy flash-fiction contest last night.  Came in at 2900+ words.  I figured I could whittle it down today and I did.  I like the longer version, though, and it will be duly posted here when the results are announced.

What I didn’t have was a title.  Still don’t.  I often start writing with a working title, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to the end without something suggesting itself.

I spent the afternoon discarding one idea after another, and then Aborigen extended the deadline until Monday evening.  Deadlines serve a purpose and I’d really rather not look at my story again right now.  I hope I can come up with a title this weekend without having to re-read it.

Just Think Of The Possibilities

Mike Comes Out of the Cupboard by OtherStrips

One of my abiding favorite size fantasy tropes is the “awakening” of size-differential desires in people who hadn’t previously given the notion any thought.  I remain of the opinion that size fantasy is a relatively easy kink for normies to appreciate or at least dabble in, and there have been enough positive reports to make one optimistic about how revealing one’s size fantasies to one’s intimate partner will be received.

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