SizeCon 2020 — Sending Good Vibes

Image by Docop

SizeCon 2020 is happening this weekend, and although I’m not attending, I’m still deriving a vicarious buzz.  A bunch of size enthusiasts will be having the vertiginous experience of going public for the first time, and size veterans will be meeting friends old and new.  All throughout this weekend, I will pause from my labors, cast a thought to New Jersey, and feel both a shiver and a warm thrill.

I will be there in lexical form, and for now that will have to do.

6 thoughts on “SizeCon 2020 — Sending Good Vibes

  1. Fuck, what a gut punch. I’m sorry, man.

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  2. I’d say, “accentuate the positive,” but I just find this kind of behavior in person, at SizeCon, to be fucking unreal.

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    1. I have to be more accepting and patient. Other people are going through their own struggles. The representation of neurodivergent participants means I need to rewrite how I engage with and interpret people.




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