7 thoughts on “Throwing away 2019 like…

    1. A lot of people are still underestimating:

      A) How cynically evil the GOP has become over the last 50 years,

      B) How beholden the corporate media has become to super-wealthy people who will destroy this country rather than share it, and

      C) How useless appeals to “bipartisanship” and “civility” are in the face of fascists who cheat, lie, and gaslight at every opportunity.

      2019 seemed worse because people thought that the Dems retaking the House would chasten the GOP, when all it did was compel them to accelerate their looting and cruelty.

      I have hope for 2020, if only because something’s gotta give.

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        1. “Well, who is on our side?”

          “Five million screaming Israelis.”

          “Last I heard there were ten million screaming Israelis.”

          “There were.”


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