A long-suffering size perv is trapped aboard the Satellite of Fluff and is tortured by a couple of sadistic scientists who keep beaming up mainstream size content and forcing the size perv to watch it.  To stay sane, our prisoner monologues to themself as to how unrealistic the characters act, pointing out the logical flaws and inconsistent sizes, and ad-libbing lewd dialogue.

2 thoughts on “GTS3K

  1. When I was in high school I watched and enjoyed Red Dawn.

    When I was in Basic Training, we watched it again and could only pick out all the flaws, errors, and improbabilities (because no one’s more soldier than someone in Basic).

    I like the thought of Tinies and giants giving mainstream cinema’s spin on their purview the same treatment.

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  2. When I’m watching something I like, there’s a commentary that runs in my head, a dialogue between my little guy and me, banter full of loving humor and private jokes as we make fun of movies we love to hate, or make observations about the films we like.

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