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Mork & Mindy — “Mork in Wonderland”

“Thanks for the lift, Min, I knew I was In Good Hands.”

15 Apr 2016

CruelJan20 — Downdraft complete

Oyayubihime 145_640

Typed up, too.  3311 words.  Think I can get a waiver on the word limit?

Actually, I’m looking forward to the editing.  Once again, I did my best to ignore the length of the draft and just put down everything that seemed to be required.  First I have to tell the story to myself, then I can tell it to you.

Definitely gonna post the longer version this time.  I don’t even know whether I’m going to cut whole scenes or just thin out a bunch of paragraphs.  I didn’t have the final line until I wrote it, but I kinda need to keep it.  (I still only have the working title, too.)

A little uncertainty keeps you on your toes.

The Small Print

The Small Print

Taedis has generously and industriously compiled twenty-eight size fantasy stories into a paperback volume that he will give away at SizeCon2020.  Diligently, he has included URLs for all authors so you can find their other work.  I am honored that he included my story Glad You Came, which I wrote as a tribute to everyone who worked so hard to make the first SizeCon possible.



A long-suffering size perv is trapped aboard the Satellite of Fluff and is tortured by a couple of sadistic scientists who keep beaming up mainstream size content and forcing the size perv to watch it.  To stay sane, our prisoner monologues to themself as to how unrealistic the characters act, pointing out the logical flaws and inconsistent sizes, and ad-libbing lewd dialogue.