CruelJan2020 — Pick A Flavor


The sub-topics for CruelJan20 have been compiled and are now available for you to vote on (whoever submitted “1000-word limit” is a true fiend).  The Size Riot authors are standing ready to inflict your choice of cruel fate upon unsuspecting victims.  Voting ends on December 22.  Vote and sleep well.

13 thoughts on “CruelJan2020 — Pick A Flavor

      1. I haven’t voted yet, in fact. I already had an idea in mind when the poll opened, so I nominated four topics for which my idea qualified. Then I came up with “Grape-Nuts,” but no story to go with it. Yet.

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              1. So I voted for “Betrayal, ” “Entrapment,” and “Humiliation.”

                How did both “Confinement” and “Entrapment” get on there? What does “Slow and steady” even mean?

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                1. Solid choices.

                  I guess there are vast differences between “Cruel Entrapment” and “Cruel Confinement”. I can imagine a tiny person being confined to a normal-sized house in a cruel manner, and I can imagine defining entrapment as the very process of ensnaring him for shrinking… but in the end one can write the same story under either flavor.

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