Tumblwintr — One Year On


It’s been one year since I fled Tumblr after it was hit by the Pornocalypse.  I still miss the daily interaction, but I also don’t regret my decision to slow down and concentrate on writing.  It was about as difficult a transition as I had expected, that is, not very.  Only a handful of people visit this blog, but I enjoy composing for them and I’m happy with the feedback.  Time for a tumbler (heh) of Oban 14 and some reflection.

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Size Riot – Wrap Up the Old, Rev Up the New


Image:  Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse


Aborigen has put out a poll asking for first impressions on the 35 writers who have submitted three or more stories to Size Riot, a category which includes me.  He neglects to say whether he will share the results with anyone, but I expect it will be a useful exercise nonetheless.  If you have any thoughts to share, please give it a go.

CruelJan20 — What’s Your Taste?


January is always Cruel at Size Riot, but now they’re adding a sub-topic for some variety and challenge.  You have until December 14 to nominate a topic for CruelJan20, as many as you like.  After the nominations have been compiled, you will have until December 21 to vote for your favorite topic.

Consider carefully!  The fate of many innocent victims hangs in the balance.