Will Do

Will Do

My Cocktober19 entry.  Author Notes at bottom.

Lacey was almost home when she got the text from her boyfriend, Will.  Got a package from Grandma, he texted.  He meant Lacey had received a parcel from her grandmother; Will hardly got any mail.  Leave it in the kitchen for me, she replied.  Will do!  She hadn’t quite gotten tired of that response yet.

Will didn’t typically text Lacey every time she received mail, but he had learned that presents from her grandmother were special.  Lacey had kept her grandmother’s secrets almost all her life, and while she was fine with Will knowing about it, his discovery had nevertheless been unplanned.

Only after a prolonged power outage did Will notice the candle that never burned down, the one that Lacey had kept in a special drawer.  Other objects in the drawer included a fountain pen, a hand bell, and a pair of bifocals with spidery frames.  Lacey simply explained that her grandmother was very wise and knew things modern people had forgotten.

The shoebox-sized package was waiting for Lacey in the kitchen as directed.  It was wrapped in ordinary brown paper, but there was no mistaking Grandmother’s elegant calligraphy.  Will appeared at Lacey’s side before she had finished unwrapping it, eager to see what new wonder had arrived.  Opening the box revealed a French kilner jar the size of a grapefruit, containing a white powder and stopped with a cork.  A white label with a green border was affixed to the side of the jar and bore the same handwriting as the wrapping paper:  “To Encourage Growth.”

Tilting the jar to examine it, Lacey noted that the powder had the same consistency of powdered sugar.  The box also contained a folded sheet of her grandmother’s sage-colored stationery.  She handed the jar to Will and read the note:

  1. Keep contents dry.
  2. Moisten subject prior to application.
  3. To arrest or reverse process, apply vinegar.

“What did she think I would use this for, I wonder,” she said.  “She knows we don’t have a garden.”

Will didn’t say anything and just looked at her with a goofy grin.

“What?” she said finally.

“To a guy, this is a no-brainer,” he replied giddily.

Lacey stared at him for a couple of moments, then rolled her eyes.  “Oh, for fuck’s sake, Will.”

“That’s the idea,” he said, his grin becoming even wider.

Lacey turned to the window while she pondered.  It wasn’t the crude nature of Will’s proposal that irked her so much as its presumption.  This was a gift from her grandmother.  That Will thought he could stick his, um, nose into her special secrets put her back up.

It wasn’t like Will wasn’t well-endowed already.  She had no complaints, but she had often wondered if her grandmother had ever used her talents to augment her boudoir.  Lacey turned back to Will with a demure smile intended to encourage him to believe he had won her over.

“Yes!” he crowed.

As she walked to the pantry, she spoke over her shoulder.  “Drop those trousers, mister.”

“Will do!”

By the time she returned with a bottle of white wine vinegar, his jeans and briefs had been kicked to the side and his cock was in his hand.

“Hands free,” she said, and he swiftly complied.  She set the bottle down on the table and looked closer at his cock.  It hadn’t fully elevated yet, but she could tell that it was swelling rapidly.  She grasped it in one hand and stroked the underside of its head with her thumb.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked, leaning in close and watching his eyes.  “This is more than enough for me already.”

“Too much is never enough,” he replied, returning her earnest gaze.  She gave him a tight squeeze, then pulled up a chair and sat down, bringing her face close to his crotch.  Lacey closed her eyes and brought Will’s cock against her cheek, feeling the hot blood filling his shaft.  She pressed it down to an angle where she could take all six inches into her mouth.

She only needed to coat the skin with her saliva, but on the withdrawal she let her lips linger around his cockhead, kissing it like a lollipop.  She glanced up to see that Will was lost to the moment.  Purely out of habit, she lifted his cock up and took each of his balls into her mouth in turn, humming into his ballsack.

Pulling back, she admired the strand of drool that extended from her lips to his balls.  Will looked like a kid in a candy store.  Lacey reached over to the table and picked up the jar of powder.  Opening it, she had no idea how much to apply.  She pinched a heap between her thumb and forefinger and sprinkled it liberally along the full length of his cock.  Then, for good measure, she grabbed a second pinch and dusted the underside and his scrotum.

Lacey sat back and watched Will’s face.  He was staring at his dick, willing it to grow.  There didn’t seem to be any visible changes; coated in white powder, his cock just looked like a throbbing éclair.

Then Will sharply sucked air through his teeth and gripped the counter behind him.  Lacey thought she saw a faint sparkle or two as the powder sank into Will’s skin like seawater draining into beach sand.

“Uhh,” moaned Will as his expression turned to fear.

“Don’t panic,” said Lacey.  “She wouldn’t have sent me anything dangerous.  Stay calm.  Breathe.”

“Will do,” he said weakly.

Then his cock and balls sprouted rapidly, the shaft expanding to twelve inches, then two feet.  His balls ballooned just as dramatically, dragging him forward off his feet.  His ballsack hit the floor and the rest of him flopped on top of it, compressing his balls and forcing a cry of pain.  And his junk just kept on growing.

When Will’s cock reached three feet long it knocked Lacey backward out of her chair.  Will’s vocal distress continued as his swelling ballsack lifted his flailing body off the floor and his cock surged forward, wedging itself in the doorway to the living room.

Lacey scrambled to her feet and grabbed the bottle of vinegar from the table.  She unscrewed the cap, but she noticed that Will’s growth was slowing dramatically.  Will shouted for her to pour the vinegar, but she just stood there and watched her boyfriend’s redwood-sized cock stretching over ten feet through the apartment.

It was breath-taking.  Lacey returned the vinegar bottle to the table and reached out to stroke his shaft, now over three feet thick.  It was warm and plump, and Will winced at her every touch.

“Oh God, I can’t take this,” he whined.  “Just put the vinegar on it already.”

Lacey only partially heard him.  She was entranced by the log of sensitive flesh before her.  She screwed the cap back on the vinegar bottle and Will lunged for it, but even if his giant cock weren’t wedged in the doorway his massive ballsack denied him the leverage to move.  She gave him a wicked smirk and patted the top of his cock, provoking another wince.

“Too much is never enough,” she purred, then walked back to the pantry.  She replaced the vinegar and grabbed the economy-size jug of olive oil.  Walking to the obstructed doorway, Lacey turned and drank in Will’s helpless expression as she poured the oil over the head of his giant cock and then kept pouring as she slowly walked back toward Will.

Setting the empty jug down on the table, she began to strip off her clothes.  “What the hell are you doing?” cried Will frustratedly.

“Enjoying our gift,” she replied, lowering her panties to the floor.  “You should enjoy it, too.”

With that she turned away from Will’s face and threw one leg over his gargantuan cock.  Sitting down and closing her thighs around it, she could feel his blood pulsing beneath her legs and ass.  She had imagined it might be like riding a horse, but it was so, so much better.

She had to touch more of it.  She leaned forward, running her hands ahead of her down the shaft and to the sides.  As her belly, tits, and face made contact with his warm pole, she felt both possession and devotion, the thrill of encountering a mighty creature that she hoped she might both care for and conquer.

Lacey gripped Will’s cock with her hands, then dug her heels into its side and pulled herself along it toward the head.  As she slid herself backward, she heard the most piteous whimper from Will.  Looking back over her shoulder, she could see that she was presenting him with her ass spread wide, her brown eye winking coquettishly, and her pussy lips splayed on his shaft, kissing it as she came.

“Shall I keep going?”  Will knew she wasn’t really asking, and he closed his eyes and gave the slightest of nods.  “Will do!” she sang.

Back and forth she rode, trying to cover as much of his cock’s surface with her skin as possible.  She turned her head to put an ear against him, listening for the rush of his blood.  Then she turned her face back down and bit him as she ground her clit into his colossal cock.

As she pumped him with her body, Lacey slowly moved forward until she could touch his cockhead with her hands.  Her caress caused her mount to buck delightfully, and she scooted forward so she could place her head on his glans.

Reaching her arms as far around as possible, she began licking the underside of his cockhead and accelerated the grinding of her legs and crotch into his flesh.  Will groaned and then cried out as his laboring ballsack tugged the rest of his body into the effort.  Lacey’s legs began to tingle as she felt the flood surge forward, swelling against her pussy as it passed.  His cockhead grew hot against her face, and she knew that she had to hold on with her legs, arms, and teeth.

The first spurt almost threw her, a bathtub-full of jizz flying across the living room and knocking over the recliner.  The second and third spurts only made it far enough to coat the coffee table.  Lacey let her limbs dangle on either side as Will’s cock continued to dribble onto the hardwood floor.

Eventually, she dismounted and stood up, still dripping with olive oil and other fluids.  Will still had his eyes closed when she kissed his trembling lips.  She retrieved the vinegar from the pantry and, as with the olive oil, started pouring at his still-leaking cockhead and proceeding to his ballsack.  She hoped it was enough, shaking the remnants at the outer folds.

As rapidly as they had expanded, Will’s cock and balls diminished back toward their original size.  Lacey felt both relief and wistful sadness as her faithful steed returned to its owner, until Will’s screech brought home the realization that the rest of Will’s body was shrinking, as well.

She stood there dumbstruck as his junk stopped shrinking when it reached its original size, but the rest of his body remained proportionately tiny.  His flaccid cock was six inches long, his ballsack three-and-a-half inches in diameter, but the rest of Will was no more than three inches from head to toe.

Careful not to strain the connecting tissues, Lacey knelt down and picked Will up, cradling his cock and ballsack in both hands.

“Oh, Will,” she said gently, “I’m so sorry!”

Will’s composure had been completely obliterated.  “You better fix me now, you fucking witch!”

To his credit, Will knew instantly that he had said the wrong thing.  It didn’t matter.  Before she had taken two steps, he knew where Lacey was taking him.  A special place, where she kept her curious candle, her peculiar pen, and her unusual bell.  Just the place for her favorite Willdo.

Author’s Notes

I had two ideas for Cocktober19, and I chose this one because it had more of a plot.  As I said at the end of October, the first draft just had a few more words than the final, and they weren’t very helpful words.  Accordingly, I didn’t even keep the first draft.

My initial vision of this story was more neutral regarding the perspectives of Lacey and Will, but I quickly came to prefer Lacey’s perspective.  She could read Will pretty easily, so we were able to see what he was feeling, too.  The concluding paragraph is the only remaining vestige of my initial idea, shifting (hopefully not too abruptly) to Will’s perspective.

Faced with the general immaturity of most synonyms, I usually end up just saying “cock” a lot.

If you liked Will Do, I recommend you have a look at Demanding, the other giant cock story idea I had.  It’s “just a sex scene,” but it took fewer edits and I’m very happy with it.

24 thoughts on “Will Do

  1. I’m very glad you made the choices you did. Both to chose to write this story (over the lighter plot story you abandoned) and to tell it from Lacey’s perspective. I can picture a more neutral take on this story, but I think reading this from her perspective works much better.

    Partial growth isn’t usually my thing, but if there were more stories like this one out there I’d have to reexamine my position. Lacey’s dominance over the restrained Will was powerfully erotic. Size getting turned against itself. Strength becoming bondage. That’s some very potent chemistry.

    I liked the characters. The set up was great. And I enjoyed the ride you took me on. Kudos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad this worked for you as well as it did. I’ve never done partial growth, either, but I can really empathize with Will. When I was younger, I often thought of my libido as a burden or even an obstacle, my erect cock several feet tall and literally blocking me from talking to women. So I was basically fated to write this story one day.


  2. Cocktober19 Anonymous Evaluator Feedback

    My favorite story of this competition. It felt genuine and the interactions believable. The scene at the end where she carefully lifts him up was amazing. I loved that she stowed him away in her curio for later when he became a jerk.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cocktober19 Anonymous Evaluator Feedback

    I’m a sucker for growth being used to subdue someone. Power becoming a trap is a huge turn-on and this this was wonderfully done. Amazingly sexy story. I loved the way she rode his cock teasing him as she went about pleasuring herself then him. And a nice twist at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very kind of you to say that, thank you. The word limit often prevents any detailed world-building, so I concentrated on just building the relationship. I’m glad it sustained a whole world for you.


  4. Cocktober19 Anonymous Evaluator Feedback

    The best about this story is the wordplay on the title. The story tries to play with the whole cock size shifting, and the idea itself is never too old or too overused, but the fact it’s a very non-consensual act is a real turn-off.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found the ending as satisfactory as I did. Grandma might have gotten up to something, but Lacey and Will have dirty minds of their own.


    1. Thanks! It was a bit of a high-wire act, and I’m glad the suspense held up. The jury (including me) seems divided on the pun, but you take your muse where you find it.


    1. Thanks, and I’m sorry about the ending. I know it was abrupt, and I definitely would have expanded it to better depict Will’s straits were it not for the word limit. I admit it was a genuine flaw.


  5. Cocktober19 Anonymous Evaluator Feedback

    What a fun and sexy ride–literally! I enjoyed the power play and description, plus the twist at the end. The only thing that detracted from this excellent story for me personally was the framing device of the power coming from the protagonist’s grandmother. It started me off wondering if there was going to be incest in the story, which is on my “no” list, and it took me out of the sexytimes every time the grandmother was brought up. If there’s a way to mention that less or soften it, or have her packages coming from a different source, that might have worked better for me personally. But I still found the growth and shrinking and objectification arousing enough on its own that it helped me come to my own climax after my first read through. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author–puns and all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! There is no greater compliment to a smutsmith that their work got you off. That was definitely my chief aim with this story.

      Incest is also outside my comfort zone, and I definitely would have tagged it had my story included it. I’m not sure I’d change that aspect of the story, though. Older people have sexytimes too, and who knows what’s in Grandma’s drawer.


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