GiantJuly19 – 1st Draft Complete


The first draft of my entry for the GiantJuly19 flash fiction contest is complete.  This time I deliberately left the pages unnumbered so I would be (relatively) less mindful of my length.  Came in at 2435 words.  That’s more than trimming an unnecessary word here and there; that’s real meat that has to come out.

I always kept in the back of my head the option to publish a “Director’s Cut” once the contest results have been announced, but now I’m wondering if that doesn’t cheapen the contest entry somehow.  The editing should be more-or-less organic, which requires me to care deeply about the 2k-word version.  It should be something worthy of the contest evaluators’ time.  More people will read the contest version than my precious puffed-up darling, after all.

Anyway, time to get cutting.


4 thoughts on “GiantJuly19 – 1st Draft Complete

  1. No, a “Director’s Cut” doesn’t cheapen anything! On the contrary, they expound upon a vision, clarify points, and answer questions. Your readers will be the poorer for not having access to your earliest vision. If you don’t publish it as well, you are robbing your fans of your expanded worlds.

    Okay, that was a bit too dramatic. Whatever you want to do is fine. I just LIKE reading the expanded versions, because I invariably go “Ah-hah! So THAT is why this-and-that happened!”

    But you do what you want. >: (

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  2. Had an epiphany and made 213 words do the work of 658. Even had some room to make a half-dozen other sentences flow more clearly.

    I am insufferably pleased with myself.

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