Seal the Deal

Seal the Deal

Dude’s getting a blowjob, and he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s getting it from a witch.  He’s startled when she stops before he cums, but he’s even more surprised when he opens his eyes and discovers that while she was blowing him, he shrank to the height of three inches.

She tells him that he will return to normal size in four hours, but if he cums before that he will be tiny permanently.  Then she licks her lips and smiles.

5 thoughts on “Seal the Deal

  1. In a perfect world, he’s unable to withhold nature’s course, and he remains that size permanently. In this world, he’s all, “Ew, this size, forever? Totes turn off, I don’t think so!” And no matter how energetically she licks her lips, he returns to his crappy, original, wrong size. Then she knows he’s not the right one, and moves on to the next one.

    I mean, eventually, after many centuries, one of them is bound to choose the tiny size.

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        1. Not even as an illusory choice? C’mon, you have four hours to make your best pitch, and if you succeed he spends the rest of his days thinking he chose his fate!

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          1. Well, yes. That’s a fun option, but in my RL experience, no one chooses being shrunk for real, no matter how optimum the choice is.

            And I happen to know for a fact that it is the best choice.

            But… four hours? Given the proper target, yeah, I could make it happen. Especially if I’m right about my theories on Inevitabilty, and the ability some people have to perceive it.

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