5 thoughts on “Transferable Skills

  1. That is… what is it. Fortuitous? There are things I’ve never expressed online, and I’m still thinking if a way to ease myself into doing that is possible. As it is, I express myself more openly about certain things about once a year. At this rate I’ll breach those certain subjects in about fifteen years.

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  2. Tiny women have always been a point of contention for me. My mind’s too full of the short end of the stick women have had imposed on them, everything from social structure to metabolism. To find two helpless women in a state of undress makes me extremely nervous.

    Immediately I’d feel fiercely protective of them. I’d feel horrible about insisting that I couldn’t let them go, it’s too dangerous out there, I know they’re scared of me but they’ve got to trust me, I’d never live with myself if anything happened to them. I could only hope to earn their trust over a period of time, breaking past their resentment of their captivity.

    But then my thoughts would also turn toward trying to pleasure myself with them, and they could be into it or they could be dragged kicking and screaming (for all the good that’d do) into it. I would hope it’d be consensual, and failing that, I would try not to hurt them too badly. All trust would go right out the window, of course, and maybe I’d respect their wishes to take their chances in the enormous, uncaring world. I just don’t know.

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    1. I’ve decided to do a blog post in reply, but in order to give it the proper attention I will wait until after GentleApr19 is concluded. When I’ve posted my reply, I’ll update this comment with a link.

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    2. So my post wasn’t strictly in reply to your comment. Rather, your comment just struck a chord with me as how our fantasy desires can be influenced by many factors, not all of which are obvious or explicable. I can’t possibly know every step of my path to size fantasy, let alone those of others. But sometimes I see something so familiar, I feel like I have to share my thoughts in the hope that they might be helpful.

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  3. The contention of women’s rights & your fantasy are manifestations of unconscious desires. The meaning isn’t too clear but the correlations is recognizable. The feeling of inferiority is not external but internal & most often we use the best examples of our issues & project it onto something we can form a conscious understanding of, the inferiority isn’t within society, it’s within ourselves.


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