3 thoughts on “From the Archives – 20190403

  1. Although I admit I don’t really go around talking about my “vorish desires” openly, I had no idea that not being open about them was a thing.

    I love mouthplay, which I used to think was some sort of gentle vore. Other types of vore always struck me as hilarious when I picture other people doing them. Like slapstick comedy. The Three Stooges eating one another.

    It’s an altogether different thing when I imagine I’m doing it.

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    1. I think vore had a greater stigma on Tumblr, I suppose primarily due to both the nonconsensual and the fatal aspects. It also had a high profile outside the size community, both as a subject of ridicule and because some people confused it with real-life cannibalism.

      In my opinion, this poor reaction derives from shame at something that is actually universally appealing.

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      1. I missed that entire Tumblr epoch. I understand that inclination to willfully misunderstand a way of thinking/being, such as a kink. I experienced it when young and immature, but then I grew up.

        My moods about vore can change too, but I can only see myself as encouraging others to write about it.

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