From the Archives – 20190312

Added one page to Olo’s Greatest Tumblr Hits:

If I Owned ArcticGiantess For 24 Hours

I would hold you in the palm of my hand, then bring you up close to my face and tell you to strip. I’ll keep my hand still, but I’ll probably rotate it to keep your cute little ass in view, particularly when you bend over.

22 Dec 2015

2 thoughts on “From the Archives – 20190312

  1. “my lips grasping at your coat of fluids as you pass”

    That’s my favorite line. It’s so effective when showing size, and the complete surrender of the little woman’s condition to what the man deems necessary.

    The tension is wonderful too. There’s obviously a well developed trust that overcomes the vision of his having eaten someone she might have known previously. How does one get over that while cavorting with a giant? Who knows. And there’s the thought he might not be as lucky when things change.

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    1. You just made my day. ☺

      Mouthplay 4 evah!

      The size-switcheroo might be my ultimate fantasy, in that it reflects the mutual risk inherent in any relationship. Being able to say “You are worth the risk” is where anyone can relate to being a tiny.

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