3 thoughts on “From the Archives – 20190225

  1. Interesting. I’m not a switch and was born a Dom, but can relate to a few things Elle mentions in her post. The idea of nurturing the one I’m dominating always gives warmth to my heart.

    I’m incapable (unwilling, really) of saying “I can take you…” etc., to anyone. I only want to ever say, when the time comes, “I have taken you, I can give you back… and I never will.”

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      1. Thank you for the link, Olo. I’ve had my own experiences with size dysmorphia, but have only touched on them briefly on my blog.

        I’ve never found my certitude to reassure anyone. In fact, my firmness of mind had absolutely no effect on anything but my own unwavering belief in the truth. A truth that matters to no one but me.

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