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As I have been unable to access my Tumblr blog since 18 Dec 2018, I’m bemused as to how anyone could have uploaded “adult” content to it today.  I of course cannot review whatever has twigged the all-knowing algorithm, so I shan’t waste another femto-second worrying about it.


From the Archives – 20190101

Added five stories to Original Stories by Olo:

A Little Trouble in Big Sky

In the near future, the “surplus” population has been shrunk and restricted to underground warrens to ease humanity’s strain on the environment, and only the privileged and the fortunate remain full-sized and walk in the sun. A missing person case brings a detective from the warrens into a partnership with a Federal investigator in “Big Sky Country.”

01 May 2013
The Amazing Adventures of Thumbtack
Issue No. 1

A movie star is shrunk by a supervillain and has to make some tough decisions about his new career.

01 Dec 2013

My girlfriend’s ex kept bothering her, so I helped put him in his place. Not recommended for recent sufferers of kidney stones.

06 Nov 2015

It’s Tiny Tuesday at the public health labs. GentleApril17 entry.

05 Jun 2017

Firefly fan fiction. Saffron returns, and she has a shrink ray.

31 Dec 2018